Special offer from AccordionShop South Africa

September 5, 2017

The accordion “Wood Series Acoustic” are the expression of an ongoing research and a careful study and constant features that have always characterised the tools of Victoria Accordions.  Solid wood Accordion built with highly audible Woods, created by a real luthier. This accordion is unique and unrepeatable: the means by which the musician communicates his art.  Woods used are aged at least 7 years. The work is done by hand using old systems, the manner of classical great Luthiers of Cremona Stradivari and Amati.

A420VPP Poeta Piuma

Construction specifications:

– Finest Acoustic Wood
– Piano Standard
– Cassotto


41/120 4/4 15+7 Cassotto Professional Weight 9.4kg

LIMITED OFFER contact info@accordionshop.co.za or phone Sergio at 083 302 3113

Don’t let it go…..it’s too good to be true…. BUT IT IS TRUE!!!

Valid for Southern  African clients