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Scandalli Accordions

Fisarmoniche d’alta classe (High class accordions). In 1900 Silvio Scandalli began making accordions with the help of his family in a small workshop. From these humble beginnings, a company was to grow, that employed 700 people.  After the war, the company became one of the most well-known and prospered thanks to the genius of Silvio and his numerous inventions and patents. The Scandalli brand became synonymous with quality and a benchmark for other accordions and continues to be so today.



Super VI is completely hand-made, exclusively  using top quality and carefully selected materials

The Super VI keyboard is made entirely in wood, and each single key is assembled and adapted by hand for a perfect response to the artist’s touch The reeds,completely hand-made, are the heart of this instrument.



The hands of artisans guarantee the absolute quality of each single instrument. A good accordion is judged by its sound quality, airtight, smoothness, quietness of its keyboard and bass mechanism and perfect general operation. You may judge a Scandalli accordion on all these points.


Look at the perfect structure of the reed blocks and the snug fit of the blocks in the tone chamber. Scandalli really does have the stamp of perfection.

The Scandalli badge, an object of inestimable value!



A concert artist needs the finest reeds in his instrument in order to reflect his brilliant interpretations. The dynamics are so important. Scandalli chooses genuine handmade reeds made of the highest quality aluminium and steel. Scandalli professional accordions – released from the hands of our craftsmen into yours.



From the first encounter a Scandalli displays the fundamental qualities of a great accordion.

Touch it: the keys and buttons are finely balanced, quite in action and fast too; the bellows open and close with an easy and natural movement: the reeds are responsive and the sound is clear and resonant. These important, fundamental features apply to all the models.

The moment of truth arrives when the accordion is used with other instruments. Its sound quality blends perfectly and helps to enhance the ensemble sound. A Scandalli is ideal of course, for its responsive reeds will play quietly or forcefully, whatever is required in fact.

Listen to a Scandalli tone chamber, this special chamber adds a unique quality of sound to the treble and helps to create that magical, perfect, Scandalli Sound.



Scandalli – An Exclusive Brand

For over 100 years the Scandalli name has been internationally prominent among leading accordionists everywhere, whatever their style of performance. It is the famous name of an accordion that today, is still crafted with understanding, experience and skill. The modern Scandalli accordion is made to be suitable for the needs of the student starting their musical adventure and also to meet the exacting demands of the professional musician.


South African popular Artist Lieb Bester plays Scandalli Air IV

I’ve been a keen admirer of the accordion since my childhood. I had an aunt who played the instrument fairly well and as a young boy I would love to listen to the radio playing accordion music by the likes of Jo Basile and Maurice Larcange. After leaving school I was introduced to musicians who invited me to play the piano and/or organ in their Boere-orkeste (amongst other Nic Potgieter and Adam Grobler) and this is where my admiration for South African accordeonists like Sam Petzer, Theo Erasmus, Pietman Potgieter, Richard Vergotini and Paul Ferns started growing. This was also the time when I used to visit Theo Kapp’s Magnet Music quite regularly to admire the accordions for sale.

I started playing the accordion some 10 years ago when an accordionist was needed for an Umpah band but no one could be found. On the morning of the gig, after trying to borrow someone else’s accordion, I found my own little one, a Hohner Arietta IM, which served me well during the Umpah gigs. However, I fell in love with the instrument to such an extent that I started buying second hand accordions left, right and centre, sometimes at ridiculous prices, but, keeping in mind that they were all 40 years+ old, not one of those could really satisfy my need. After consulting with sergio Zampolli, whom I’ve known from my young days, he advised me to draw up a list of what I would want from an accordion  according to my own preferences and styles of playing  After discussing this in detail, it so happened that the Scandalli Air IV seemed the perfect instrument and I decided to order one from the Scandalli factory, where they are hand-made, via AccordionShop, who are the importers. It took three months to manufacture and I will never forget the day when Sergio phoned in order to inform me that my accordeon has arrived. It was a lot of money to spend, however, every cent thereof is worth while. I’m the proud owner of a brand new accordion, which touches, feels and sounds like no other. If you have a dream, don’t let it stay a dream, make it a reality, you will never regret it!

Lieb Bester

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