Please send us your CDs. The accordion has to be the main or predominant solo instrument. Please do not send CDs of inapplicable instrumentation. This is a column for the accordion. Don’t forget to give a return address and contact details, so that we can contact you. Send your CD to: Accordion SA, P.O Box 563, Pinegowrie, 2123.

Reviews will be done by one member of the following panel:

Paul Boekkooi
Music Critic of The Star

Willem Vogel
Former Producer of Serious Music for SABC TV / Artes Award Winner
Interviews and Classics 

Theo Erasmus
Composer, Performer and Former Director of Light Music (Afrikaans), SABC, also SABC Artes Award Winner
Boeremusiek and Jazz

Sergio Zampolli
International Judge for World Championships / SABC Artes Award Nominee.
Classics and Light Music

Rocco de Villiers 
Pianist, composer and arranger
Light Music and World Music

Stanislav Anguelov
Accordionist, composer, arranger, Bandoneonist and leader of the CT Tango Ensemble.
Latin American Music

Amarillie Ackermann
Professional Harpist and Accordion Enthusiast
Classics and Light Music

Erin Mc Luckie
Second year BA Media Studies student at the University of the Witwatersrand. AccordionSA is very proud to have appointed Erin as our music journalist. She will cover all matters pertaining to the promotion of the accordion, eg. events, concerts, competitions, news items etc. with her journalistic flair. Please send her any information with full details, eg. dates, times, place, etc. and she will publish your details in the AccordionSA website. We welcome her on board and wish her many happy reportings for AccordionSA. Contact Erin on