I am an established Solo accordionist, Teacher, and the Owner of AccordionShop. I am also responsible for the revival of the Accordion in South Africa.

Sergio Zampolli


I perform widely in Gauteng.

  • Solo accordion
  • Ensemble combinations
  • Daniele Pascal, Rocco de Villiers and many other South African artists.
  • Salon Music
  • Duo 2000 (Unique Harp and Accordion combination with Amarillie Ackermann)
  • Highlights



I teach only the piano accordion. I am an approved teacher from the CDMI in Italy.

  • Weekdays: in Randburg (Johannesburg)
  • Saturdays: at Brooklyn Theatre (Pretoria)

Accordion Lessons on SKYPE
Skype address : sergio_zampolli



I own AccordionShop, the only shop in South Africa that specialises in accordions. I deal in new or second and accordions, for interested sellers, buyers or hirers.



Young Sergio Zampolli

I was born in Italy and started playing the accordion at the age of nine. I came to South Africa when I was eleven. My achievements in my early years in South Africa include the following:

  • 1957 South African National Junior Champion (Classical).
  • 1958 South African National Senior Champion (Classical).
  • 1975 – 1984 Various musical fillers for the South African broadcasting Corporation (TV), as well as appearances in a number of music programmes on Radio.
  • 1980 SABC Artes nomination for the best light music performance.
  • 1990 SABC Artes nomination for the best light music performance.
  • 1992 CMA jury member for the Accordion World in Città di Recanati (Italy).
  • 1994 CMA jury member for the Accordion World Championships in Alassio, Italy.
  • 1995-2001 – I attended various other CMA Championships as an observer.
  • 2002 CMA jury member for the World Accordion Championship in Belluno (Italy)
  • Till present representative of the CMA in South Africa ( Confédédation Mondiale de l’Accordéon ).



The Accordion has always been my passion, but my profession has been in Sales and Marketing – 25 years in the Airline Industry and up to now in the Industrial, Mining and Telecommunications markets. In 2010 I started a concerted effort to revive the Accordion in South Africa through Radio Media, concerts, folklore and whatever available promotion channels that can help the cause. Interested enthusiasts are encouraged to join the Accordion South Africa Page on Facebook. Since the beginning of 2010, I have been trying to develop a School of Accordion with associated teachers in South Africa, to back up the efforts of the “Accordion Drive”. I am the South African representative for the Confédédation Mondiale de l’Accordéon.



In recent years, I have frequently performed and recorded CDs with leading South African artist. I have performed at various Art Festivals, theatres and also at private functions.


First photo: Sergio with Daniele Pascal. Second photo: Sergio with Rocco de Villiers



Thanks to Salon Music, Director Willem Vogel recently made arrangements to introduce the Accordion in the Salon Music Ensembles. This helped very much with the promotion of the Accordion as a classical instrument and popular French–Gypsy genre of music.

Some of the CD recording are available from Salon Music :

Boulevard Café (with Federico Freschi as Baritone)
Gypsy Fiddle (with Violinist Gina Beukes as soloist)
Viennese Violin (with Violinist Michael Snyman as soloist)
Café Society 2
Celebration – Salon Music 15 Years DVD
Echo of Paris (French Café Songs) (with Camille Favre-Bulle)

sergio-cafe-society sergio-gina-beukes

Salon Music Concert “Gypsy Fiddle”

I played the accordion in the ensemble of arrangements made by Willem Vogel of Salon Music.


Willem Vogel, Sergio Zampolli and Daniel Vos, during the recording of Gypsy Fiddle.




I have formed a unique Duo with Harpist Amarillie Ackermann. We are the only two people in the world doing this. We can not find anybody else, our informants in America report that there is nobody in America doing it, and my infrastructure of connections report that there is nothing like this in Europe. We could not find any repertoire from any publisher anywhere in the world. Our repertoire now comprises 120 arrangements (our own) of popular classical works including one full harp concerto – Amarillie plays the harp and I play the orchestral accompaniment.

In addition to Amarillie’s concerto, she has learned the piano reduction of my accordion concerto, then she accompanies this for me on the piano. We can have a double concerto programme. For fifteen years running, we have been performing together regularly, in ± 300 concerts and we still continue to make arrangements, learn new repertoire, and perform older repertoire all over Gauteng, and as far as Bloemfontein and the Drakensberg, at various Arts Festivals as well as private concerts and functions.



A few exceptional other highlights of my life include:

  • 1999 – Orchestra member for the Three Tenors (Carreras, Domingo and Pavarotti), during their Bravo Africa! Concert, at the Union Buildings, Pretoria.
  • 2000 – Duke of Edinburgh Awards Dinner with Duo 2000 performing as artists for Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex, at the Saxon Hotel in Johannesburg.
  • 2007 – I was invited to give an impression of my hand in clay at the Hall of Fame of the Accordion Museum in Recoaro, Italy.
  • 2009 – I performed the Pietro Deiro Concerto in A Minor for Accordion with the Rand Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Bernard Wozny, three times.
    In the first photo is Sergio with Conductor Bernard Wozny and in the second photo is Sergio Zampolli and Conductor Bernard Wozny, at the Gala Evening Performance at the Johannesburg Country Club.
  • 2010 – Guest artist with Duo 2000 at the St David’s Day concert of the Welsh Male Voice Choir of Africa, at the Linder Auditorium in Johannesburg
  • 2010 – Guest artist with Duo 2000 at the Music in the Mountains Festival with the Drakensberg Boys Choir, Rina Hugo (soprano) and JP Malan (cellist)
  • From 20 – 31 July 2010 – I had the pleasure of playing the accordion in a Jacques Brel Show in the Brooklyn Theatre in Pretoria, together with veteran Jacques Brel, singers Jannie du Toit, Laurika Rauch and pianist Christa Steyn.
  • 2010 – Started the campaign of the “Revival” of the Accordion in South Africa.
  • 08 May 2011 – First Accordion Stravaganza Concert in conjuction with World Accordion Day (endorsed by UNESCO), held at the Brooklyn Theatre, Menlo Park, Pretoria – a great success for the accordion in South Africa.
  • 2012 – Continuation with the Accordion “Revival” in South Africa. I established websites for Accordion players and enthusiasts on Internet and Facebook pages with over 110 000 hits per annum.